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Brass Plug Pins,Brass Pins,Brass Sockets  

Quality Brass Pins for Quality Cords / Plugs. If you require Brass Plug Pins met with accurate quality and reasonable price, than this is the page you should go through. We offer all the types of Electrical Plug Pins and Industrial Plug Pins - Round, Square, Strip, Hollow, Solid, Crimped, Threaded, Knurled, Screw attached.

  • Brass Pin for 2 Pin Moulded Plugs
  • Brass Pin for 3 Pin Moulded Plugs
  • Brass Pin for AC Adaptor
  • Brass Pin for Mobile Charger
  • Brass Pin for Mosquito Repllent Machine
  • Brass Plug Pin & Sockets
  • Brass Power Cord Other Pins
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